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Somatic Bodywork

How present can you be?


I’m a Certified Pantarei practitioner based in Berlin. To find out more about the sessions I give, have a look below, to “ MY WORK” section.


Jessica Rizzo
Jessica Rizzo


My name is Jessica Rizzo; originally from Switzerland, I also am connected to my Italian roots and my love for travelling took me to Berlin a few years ago.


I’d like to share a little about my journey…


It’s started some years ago as I was working in Marketing. In spite of trying several roles, I felt unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I went through what some may call an “existential crisis”: I asked myself “what really is the purpose of this life?”. I went on a quest for answers and realised that I needed to be doing something of significance, something meaningful. I developed a strong wish to accompany others on their own journey.


In order for me to support others, I first had to focus on myself and further embrace my own process of self-discovery and growth. I believe that this work on oneself is key to being able to help others. I took sessions with bodywork practitioners, which allowed me to enjoy my physical being differently. This was a crucial shift: I started feeling a lot more healthier physically and mentally – I discovered a state of bliss and freedom. This was a defining moment: I decided to study the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei ApproachMerging both technics and exploring an ensemble of disciplines (Massage, dance, Yoga...), I developed my unique style of somatic bodywork.


This path allows me to express myself and gifts me with the joy of encouraging my clients to live up to their full potential.



I believe that every living soul has its own essence and uniqueness. Everyone can contribute to the world with what makes them unique.


My goal is to help you access your truth so you find joy in sharing who you are with your environment.

I wish for you to express your uniqueness, feel present, take care of your deep needs in your everyday life.


The idea is for you to experience a sense of ease, a state of flow in life.


I believe that the mind, spirit and body represent a great source of knowledge. Together, we listen to all of these parts, connect them, and create harmony. Taking the lead of your own life is a journey towards self-awareness, self-understanding, and self-love.


This is accessible to all and I will be delighted to join you, wherever you are on your path.



I offer hands-on bodywork sessions which include touch, verbal communication, breathing exercices and movement. These tools as well as my listening abilities and empathy, allow a somatic experience in which l guide and support you. It is a progressive process, we take it step by step.


We start a session with a conversation leading to setting an intention. Together, we try to


- What do you want?

- What are you hoping to change in your life?

- What is challenging you?

- Is there something that you wish to let go of?

- What’s missing in your life?

- ...


Helping one understanding their deep needs though a constructive conversation is a key part of the process. Together, we are going beyond the surface to create a powerful change in you.


Once the intention is set, we explore it throughout the body. Touch allows us to locate blockages, create space, so the energy can flow better.


My goal, with this mind+body work, is to help you create a powerful and lasting change in your life; this starts from embracing how you are at that very moment.


The benefits of a session or a process are various, to name a few:

- access a deep sense of relaxation

- improvement of sleep quality

- increase of energy in the body

- stronger presence, focus and attention

- capacity of staying centred while facing conflicts

- identification of one’s natural strengths

- increase of self-confidence

- transformation of self-limiting beliefs and habits

- better sense of connection to one’s self and others

- greater capacity to experience joy, pleasure and other vivid sensations

- reduced mental chatter or worry

- gain of clarity upon one’s life goals


While I am here to support you, all of this is only possible with your active participation, your commitment to your own growth. This involvement of yours, will allow each session to empower yourself.


If you wish to feel your own power and access your potential, I invite you to contact me and discover more about my somatic bodywork approach.


Life is now


  • When: Every Thursdays in the studio in Geneva

  • Session duration: 60min

  • What to wear? comfortable clothes to feel free to move and at ease

  • Spoken languages: German, English, French, Italian

  • Where: Geneva, Berlin, Lecce and other countries that I travel to


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