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Green Leaves


First, there is a phase of exchange and observation. Together we put words to a sensation. We analyze a situation that seems inextricable. At the end of the discussion, we reformulate the need on which we commit ourselves to work hand in hand. 

Through dynamic body therapy, I seek to reconnect the client to their body. I use a combination of methods which are tailored and optimised to support your needs. 

The session is followed by a brief discussion in which I share tools that can be integrated into daily life. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended in order to feel the benefits.

The person is better able to listen to his or her body and its needs, but even better, the body may feel "re-harmonized". The energy starts to circulate again and its natural mechanisms are put back in place. Over the course of the sessions, we train and explore this harmony.


The original functions of the body are restored and the client can feel the following benefits:

  • an increase of energy in the body

  • a better sleep 

  • a feeling of being more present

  • an improved concentration and focus

  • a transformation of limiting beliefs and habits

  • a clearer mind and a clarity of purpose in life

  • an increased self-confidence

  • an ability to stay centered in times of difficulty or conflict

  • a reduction in the "chatter" of the mind and worries

  • an ability to identify strengths and qualities

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